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We your favourite foods from South Africa. Like me, there are many of you that were born in Africa but have for one reason or another moved yourself and perhaps family to make a new one in a foreign land. It is difficult to get used to the people and new surroundings.

If everytime you smell a braai and you think of boerewors, braai salt, rugby games, and the beach. Or if breakfast cereals remind you of pronutro and maltabella. Padkos reminds you of crème soda and peppermint crisp. Or you long for a packet of biltong and a Creme Soda, then pop into my shop and pick up a few tastes from home.

Please feel free to use the words takkies, braai’s, babalaas, ag, aikona, bakkie, bliksem, howzit my china, chips, cooldrink, dwaal, ek sê, isit, kief, sif, skollie, lekker, padkos, skelm, slap chips, baggies, boerie, bunny chow, tjommies, vasbyt and voetsek